Wii AVI Player

Once you make your Wii console as your Wii AVI Player, you can experience a thrilling session with high-end AVI and DVD games and movies. The trick is however, to unlock your Wii console and make it an AVI-enabled player.

If you’ve had a 3.2 version Wii console, you can use a hardware AVI-savvy chip inside the console. You need to solder the chip inside the console hardware to make it work as an AVI player.

On the other hand, if you use a software application, you need to

  • Download the unlocking software tool
  • Burn the program on an empty disk
  • Use the burned CD with the application on your console

The other way of installing the software unlocking tool to your Wii console is to…

  • Use a 2GB SD card
  • Employ SD card reader to read data

The installation wizard effortlessly guides you through the installation process. Once complete, your Wii console is ready to play AVI files.

In other words, there two ways of installation: hardware and software. Before you pick one method, check out some aspects on both these methods.

  • Hardware requires permanent tweaking of the hard drive while application installation can be reversed.
  • As the soldering is irreversible, you lose warranty on the Wii console while going for the hardware method. This is not the case for application installation.
  • Hardware method is time consuming, full of hassles as one wrong soldering can render your console useless, entirely. Software installation is quick, effortless, and perfect

So, if you are looking for a Wii console that is AVI friendly, it is strongly recommended that you use a software unlocking application to do the job successfully.  While going for software installation, pick a legal tool with comprehensive features that would allow all AVI files to be viewed with your console. Additionally, you would be able to play DVD movies, MP3 files, and also take up back up gaming files.

Using a Software Unlocking Tool to Unlock Wii Console and Make it Effective Wii AVI Player

Software application that can unlock your Wii console to accept AVI files without tampering the hard disk is a novel way of viewing AVI and DVD videos, movies, and games. However, use a tool that is reliable and efficient. Beware not to get trapped into scams and virus files while downloading the software.

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Although there are hardware and software methods of upgrading your Wii console to make it AVI friendly, the highly recommended software application relieves you from unnecessary hassles and complications. Moreover, the process is cost effective too.

Learn how to spot and install a software application to upgrade your Wii console to a Wii AVI player. Visit: Wii AVI Player

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