Play Downloaded Wii Games

Do you want to Play Downloaded Wii Games? Many people that download Wii games from the internet can’t always play them. It’s frustrating because you may have spent hours downloading tons of games, but when you try to play them you find that you can’t.

This article will show you how you can play these games and the 2 different ways to do it.


With this option, you basically upgrade a piece of hardware in the Wii, a mod chip. This mod chip will unlock certain powerful features including the ability to play downloaded games. There are some risks involved here:

*     This cannot be reversed.

*     There is a chance that the console could become bricked. In other words, it will not function anymore.

*     You will have to break the warranty seal which means that you will void the manufacturer’s warranty.


The other option is to do a soft-mod. With this option, an update is made to the system, similar to the one described above, but through software. The advantages are listed below:

*     You don’t need to open the console. So the warranty will still be good.

*     The process can be reversed.

*     It’s much quicker to perform the modification.

Those are basically the two options. More and more people are choosing the soft-mod option for the reasons mentioned above, in short it is much safer and quicker to do.

Using a reliable program to quickly unlock your Wii.

The process is fairly simple download the update and install it on the Wii. When you download the program, you will unlock some very powerful features and one of them is the ability to play games that have been downloaded from the web. If you run into any problems there is a 24/7 support line where you can get immediate answers.

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To play Wii games from the internet, you need to mod the system. You have the option to either hard-mod or soft-mod it. If you select the soft-mod option, download the suggested program to quickly unlock this feature.

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